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Pain relief by Holographic treatment

Doris Cai / 2011-12-20
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Pain relief Holographic Therapy

Pain relief For over 6,000 years, various cultures have understood that objects and natural sensations influence our daily lives with their color, sound, design, etc. With the advances of science, we are able to capture these natural influences and create ways to store and retrieve this information using holograms. The body can now access this information through acupuncture points on an “as needed” basis in a non-invasive way.

Holographic discs use acupuncture point placement as a vehicle to create the desired effect: weight loss, more energy, restful sleep, or pain relief. It isn’t to treat or cure any specific disease; it simply enables the body to function at a higher level of health. When this type of natural healing environment is present, the body has the capacity to effectively repair and heal itself. Naturally, individual results will vary depending upon numerous personal and environmental factors such as overall state of health, age, diet, etc.

The state of the art holographic Data Disc marries the traditional Chinese medicine points with modern science to produce a revolutionary delivery system, achieving balance and harmony for better health. Impressive results in helping the body naturally enhance its performance are shown through the use of proprietary holographic discs. Each holographic disc stores a large amount of readily available information, carefully formulated to provide the body with the resources it needs for homeostasis. Specific information is programmed into each disc:

• Pain relief       • Weight loss       • Sleep       • Energy

Pain relief  The holographic Data Disc activates the body’s meridians by concentrating various effects on the activation of specific acupuncture points to create a healthy balance. Like a music or computer disc, cutting edge technology is integrated into each disc. When the hologram is applied to your body or clothing, it activates a specific energy field. The Data Disc is approximately the size of a penny, and looks like a silver sticker.

Four products provide an elegant tool to change and transform your body without the complexity of harmful drugs, chemicals or acupuncture needles.

Your practitioner can provide professional recommendations for optimal placement of these discs.


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